Frequently Asked Questions

to assist you in booking “Morganton Community House”

How many can the space hold?

It really depends on the type of event you are planning and what you are trying to accomplish. We have many combinations to suit your needs. Click here to view our room configurations.

Questions to assist you in room needs for your accommodations.

1-Do you want to use our dance floor?

2-Do you want a bar set-up? Display or gift tables needed?

3-Are you planning for a party over 130 in number? Room floor plan and table size can make a big difference.

4-Do you want to rent the whole building or the main floor. (Great space for informational tables or serving bars, relaxing environment)

What Audio Video (A/V) equipment is available?

We have two built in projectors and screens in the Cobb room and one in the Connelly Room. We have an in house sound system with wireless microphones, HDMI compatible cords and most adapters needed to hook up your laptop to our projector system.

How late can we stay?

All events need to end by 10:00 pm. Time is allowed in your contract to remove all décor and we need time to finish final cleaning after that.

Do you have a piano?

We have a “Baby Grand” piano in the Connelly Room and a top of the line keyboard that can be used in the Cobb Room or in the lower level rooms if desired.

Can we play our playlist on your speakers?

For the most professional delivery, it is best that you hire a DJ or band to take care of your sound for your event. Our sound system has no system mixer and is great but it is set up for speaking and soft background music. It is not meant for performance level sound quality.

We recommend that you download your music to a memory device and test and retest prior to the event. We DO NOT guarantee internet speeds or capacity at all times due to inclement weather or other natural causes.

When is my final bill due?

Your event needs to be paid in full the day before the event is held.

Can we move lobby furniture?

No all Lobby furniture needs to stay in the lobby, please love our newly refinished wooden floors.

When my final head is count due?

In order to generously accommodate your event you must submit your guaranteed number of people, 7 days before the event. An upcharge could be added if the count changes dramatically and /or a food substitution may be used in the event we cannot accommodate the desired menu to be served.

Do you have free parking near the bldg.?

The Morganton Community House has plenty of free parking just across the street, very conveniently located. Click here to see the free parking map.


Can we use open flame?

Yes, in limited table areas and must be approved by the Community House Director. Only on the tables as centerpieces. No candles on mantels, lobby area or piano.

Is gratuity included in my bill?

No, we do not include automatic gratuity. Tips are not required but greatly appreciated by our hard working staff.

Is a deposit required to book a date?

Yes, a $200 deposit is required to reserve and schedule your event on the calendar. All deposits are applied to your final bill after we have reviewed the terms of your contract and all facilities rented seem to be left in compliance.

Can I bring in my own food?

No, we have a full kitchen staff and an in-house Chef, who can take care of all your catering needs. You may bring in your own wedding cake, cupcake or desserts of that nature.

Can we attach things to the interior walls?

Nothing can be attached to the walls. We do not allow tape, command strips, or any other sticky surface on the wall. Please love our new interior décor.